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Entry #1

New tunes

2007-10-14 17:49:45 by djshadows

Hey djshadows has a couple new tunes out and would love for everyone that would like to review indie trance style music. download or rank me so I know what you guys like! With every vote come progress!!



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2007-10-14 19:00:01

Hi dood. I dont delete people from my inbox, so I saw your name and came here. Any chance on you making any megaman or gundam battle assult audio?

djshadows responds:

Um Yeah Me do Video Game Music? ... Hell Yeah!! I'll start right now!! sorry took so long the computer died!! aaaarrrrggghhhhh!!!!


2008-09-14 11:49:34

do you believe in power.............................

djshadows responds:

No, but I believe in wisdom... ^-~


2008-09-30 05:36:20

Ku-Reazy picture!

You are nice man!

djshadows responds:

Tanks!! :)